The Beco dos Beguinhos is a small alley on the norhtern edge of Alfama, the oldest neighbourhood of Lisbon. Our apartment stands on a hill, just next to the Monastery of S. Vicente de Fora, overlooking the Tagus river.

In Alfama, which is now closed to traffic, just by itself, there is much to see, from the Cathedral, the said Monastery, the Museum of Decorative Arts, near the Castle. And there are the all the amazing views from countless sightseeing spots, where the river just pops between the buildings that lie on the curvy hills. Finally, you have the life of Alfama�s people, which can�t be told, just lived.

Then, from there to the rest of Lisbon its just a step! You can walk or take the Eléctrico 28, a streetcar that has the best city tour you can get. And it stops just next to the apartment!

The whole neighbourhood boils with activity. There�s the fervid Largo da Graça, with many shops, the Feira da Ladra, a flea market every saturday and tuesday. There are antiques� shops, typical restaurants, Fado houses and even Lux, Lisbon�s best night club.

And on June 13th, the day of St. Anthony, the whole city bursts of street life, when the biggest party of the city takes place. There is a dancing parade competition between neighbourhoods, thousands of people on the streets all night long, outdoor stands on every corner thar serve grilled sardines, "pregos" and wine and lots of dancing and singing. The best popular city festivities in the world!

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